Pyrex from England

JAJ Pyrex: A Brief HistoryJames A Jobling (JAJ) took over the Wear Flint Glass Works in Sunderland, UK in 1885.  The company acquired the patent rights to produce Pyrex in 1921 and continued to create Pyrex for another 50 years.  In 1973, Jobling's license expired and Corning took control of the company and the Pyrex England stamp was used. 

1955 JAJ Colourware Harlequin Set Fridge Dish (on left)

1957 JAJ Coronet

1958 Snowflake

1958 JAJ Carnival Mixing Bowl Set

1959 JAJ Baking Set

1960 JAJ Clover Leaf - Though it looks like a chip and dip set, the Clover Leaf set was actually a salad set.  

1961 JAJ Wildfowl

1961 JAJ Carnival Mixing Bowl Set - This set consists of nesting bowls in three colors: Spring Yellow, Deep Coral, and Duck Egg Blue.

1961 JAJ Hunting Scene/ Rington's Tally-Ho

1961 JAJ Red Hawthorne

1964 JAJ Classics Hostess Casserole & Half of the Homemaker Set - The Homemaker set consisted of two small casseroles (top) with a silver stand.

1964 JAJ Classics Mix and Serve Set - This set was produced in 1964 and was a part of a larger range of bakeware.  It is one of a handful examples of grey bakeware.

1964 JAJ Classics Party Bowl Set - A perfect compliment to the rest of the Classics line, the Party Bowl Set was sold with a holder to make passing snacks easy.

1965 JAJ Unknown Kid Dish - A few of these dishes (top) have been found; however, it is unclear whether there is an underplate to match.

1966 JAJ Meran

1967 JAJ "Haymaker" - The Haymaker pattern was only available in a few sizes including this casserole (approx. the size of a 475) and cereal bowl.

1967 JAJ Chelsea - The Chelsea pattern is found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

1970 The 2001 Casserole - Guaranteed to last until the year 2001!  This dish was also produced in an orange version.

1971 JAJ "Hearts" - This pattern seems to only be found in Denmark and matches enamelware that is also found in Denmark. 

1972 JAJ Rainbows - One of my all time favorite sets.  This set was sold with plastic storage lids.

1983 Pyrex England Butterflies

Pyrex from France

1972 Briarwood

1972 Tempo

Silex Mixing Bowl Set

Escargot Plate